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Japanese Music Blog Central

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Hello all and welcome to the Japanese Music Blog Central community.

I decided to start this because I am a big fan of Japanese music and as many of you know many bands keep blogs/journals and other sort of stuff like that. This is more of a kind of experimental community for the momment to tell the truth. I will be posting blog entries from various japanese bands and its memebers (only me for now, maybe others later, but you need to talk to me first). The blogs will be posted here in their original Japanaese form. I am not very good at translating and it takes me forever, but the collection of blogs will be here for everyone to see (sometimes they include pictures). If you do know some japanese and wish to provide a translation for any of the blog entries post a comment on the entrie's page, it is highly encouraged. Also I know there are other J-music blog translation communities around (still need to track them all down), so I will post a link to those communities if there is a translation already available.

Remember you will have to be able to view japanese text to view some things in this community

Currently only running blogs for active bands, but if those bands disband the entries will still remain here. If you are looking for entries from a specific band check out the memories because everything is archived there under band name.

If you would like to apply to be a posting member please send an e-mail to shinigami.urahara@gmail.com and let me know.
What do you have to do to qualify to be a posting member?
- Be willing to hunt down band blog entries and copy&paste and post them here
- Know enough html to link those pics from the blogs
- Be willing to hunt others' translations for things posted and post a link.
- (optional) Be able to translate Japanese. I will accept people who just want to do translations even if they don't want to go find blogs.

So please if you are willing to help send an e-mail because doing this is greatly time consuming. If you are approved to post I will give you the rules and formats to post in and such.

The only reason I'm restricting posting is becasue I don't want any spamming going on for the most part.

I'm interested to see how this community will turn out.